a divided nation

What could *establish* another civil war? There are many answers to that, but the main reason is economy and the decisions that are made.
Laws are being *processed* that encourage foreign corporations to set up shop in the U.S. They receive huge tax benefits and *various* subsidies for bringing their jobs to our country. Strategic industries are being sold out from under us, and our wealth producing capabilities are diminishing. Jobs are fleeing the country and we are being economically disabled.
Here are some examples of why a civil war could begin with a few economic problems. First of all, Irresponsible sale of strategic companies to foreign ownership, loss or decline of major industries, loss of good jobs, Uncompetitiveness in manufacturing, wealth transfer to foreign, difficulty for college students to find jobs for which they were trained and there are fewer American-owned companies for them to work for, manufacturing Outsourcing – dismantling America’s industrial base – giving away our technology and jobs to foreign companies and have them produce for us in their country.
The economic and sectional differences which faced America in the years *developing* the Civil war. Examples of economic differences were between the North, South and Western parts of the country. With the country quickly expanding in land, population, and industry, fundamental differences *developed* in the economic culture of each *role* of the country. These issues were brewing under the surface for some time only to explode in civil war in the middle of the 1800’s.
An older example took place in the days of the American Revolution, and of the adoption of the Constitution, differences between North and South were reduced by their common interest in *establishing* a new nation. But sectionalism steadily grew stronger. During the 19th century the South remained almost completely agricultural, with an economy and a social order largely founded on slavery and the plantation system. These mutually dependent institutions produced the staples, especially cotton, from which the South derived its wealth. The North had its own great agricultural resources, was always more advanced commercially, and was also expanding industrially. As time went on the United States of America grew as two separate nations.
According to “Causes of the Civil War — Economic and Sectional differences” article “The Industrial Revolution gave Northern living its own culture, as the development of machinery and capitalism took hold. The South, however, was holding its own with its peculiar institution. As tobacco changed to cotton, the South became more and more dependent on it.” Their entire way of life was based on that forced labor system.
Economy and some disagreements could start a new civil war again.


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