IA #8 Chapter 12

Have you ever wondered how society and culture help shape the world as we know it today? Religion and innovation are two main factors that contributed to the society and culture of our world. First, an example of how society and culture changed the world dates back to 800s- 1100. in Japan.Stanley Burstein and Richard Shek explain how early on, nearly the entire country shared the same religious beliefs.There were various types of religions in Japan,like Shinto Shrine,Buddhism,and Zen.China and Korea are responsible for shaping Japan,by influencing a culture and a way of life.According to the authors,they state, “the court at Heian became a great center of culture and learning.” The courts were a group of nobles who lived near,and served or advised a ruler.Also,Japan recieved a lot of visitors that came and affected the Japanese society.Japanese culture experienced a golden age during the Heian period of the 800s to the 1100s.As this growth continued the expansion of Japanese culture came to be. Another example of society and culture took place in Georgia in the 1840s. Because of the popular fiction it almost seemed that white southerners lived in large plantations and have various amounts of slaves. But actually one-third of the white southerner families had slaves and fewer families had plantations. The development of their society and culture involved planters; as the wealthiest members of southern society, planters also greatly influenced the economy. The yeomen and poor whites also made society function. The yeomen were mostly white southerners which owned small farms, and some yeomen sometimes owned slaves. And the poor whites were the total opposite. The poor whites live on land where they couldn’t grow any cash crops. But also, the main role in the 1800s american culture was religion. Most of the southerners were established to religion and shared similar religious beliefs. According to the 8th grade U.S history book “wealthy white southerners thought that their religion justified their position in society and the institution of slavery.” Some of the southerners also argued that god had created people similar to them to rule other people just like them. Those beliefs that southerners had were opposed by northern christians’, and so they believed that god was against slavery. Now those beliefs follow us till today. Lastly, a more recent example of how society and culture help shape the world began with our mixed cultures in the United States. The various amazing cultures we have in the U.S are Western culture, Native American, African, Asian, Polynesian, and Latin American. The American society is currently making a law for immigrants. It involves granting more visas to immigrants, and creating a more improved system for immigrants.According to Ashley Killough she states that, “Americans are voting in favor of this new upcoming reform.”For Instance, the U.S society is formed from many different types of people making the U.S one of the largest populated countries in the world. Bibliography:
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