IA #7 Chapter

Have you ever about technology and how much we have accomplished. Since hundreds of years ago we have been involved with technology from all over the world. Technology has existed and still exists now 2013.

If we go back all the way to 1270 you will notice that in china they also began to create/discover new technology. For example “During the Song dynasty, Chinese farming was tough but they reached new heights which were due to new irrigation techniques.” For example, “some farmers dug underground wells.” Then a new irrigation device was created called dragon backbone pump. For what was the dragon backbone used for?  The dragon backbone allowed one person to do the work of several. This was a light and portable pump which a farmer could scoop up water and pours it into an irrigation canal. The amount of land under cultivation just kept increasing. And technology kept on going.

Now we go all the way to the 1700s and you will notice that technology will keep on growing more and more. “In 1769 an Englishman named Richard Arkwright invented a useful machine called the water frame.” What the water frame did is it produces dozens of cotton threads at the same time. The result of this invention is it lowered the cost of cotton cloth and increased the speed of textile production. In order for the water frame to work it was powered by water. The water frames were mostly built near a rivers and streams, for the water needed. Then this useful source of technology soon became the most productive in Britain.  

Technology today is really popular. Where ever it is you go there is always technology surrounding you because it has become so popular that there are more of the same products coming out with but with better features. For example the company Apple is a really popular company that manufactures good electronics. “To re-accelerate growth, Apple likely needs to launch new products, yet few seem likely before June,” Nomura Security’s Stuart Jeffrey wrote down in a note. “iOS 7 could have the greatest impact, yet recent management changes suggest a major advance is unlikely in the near-term. A China Mobile deal could also boost the stock, yet the timing of this remains uncertain … this leaves only a $300 iPhone or a premium iPhone as likely catalysts.” So you see more and more technology every time.


Holt California Social Studies United States History: Independence to 1914 ©2006

Holt California Social Studies World History: Medieval to Early Modern Times ©2006

Article “Apple’s post-earnings stock slide continues” by: Josh Lowensohn



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